How To Create Your Own Real Estate Digital Advertising Billboard

Cummins Real Estate Group- TOP 1% of Realtors Canada wide *2016 REP

Cummins Real Estate Group – TOP 1% of Realtors Canada wide *2016 REP

How to Create Your Own Real Estate Digital Advertising Billboard

Remodeling, Land Development, Architects, Planners, Suppliers can all use Genusity Products

Individual Home Sellers Need to Put a Beacon Device and Let Run 24/7

  Hi, today`s post will take us into the Real Estate business world.  Normally I do not review products but when my attention was drawn to the Digital Advertising world I could not resist— SO HERE GOES.

BUT FIRST here is a quote from Michele Cummins on Genusity

As one of the top 1% of Realtors Canada wide *2016 REP, I get a lot of marketing calls and I’m very leary so I did a lot of research on Genusity before deciding to try it out and I’m so glad I did! Digital Advertising is the next biggest thing for advertising for Realtors, Restaurants, Sports, you name it! I bought 5 BB’s and 5 Bap’s and now am looking into purchasing a more. I use them on my listing signs, in my office, my purse, I’ll use them at conferences, to advertise my developments. You name it, It’s endless the ways to use them! And Genusity has the BEST customer service. The owners are amazing and really know how to provide service that’s hard to find now-a-days. Take it from me and start marketing using Genusity”

This Powerful System Will Show Viewers Any or All of the following and more:

your closing rate
relevant real estate sales
increase your real estate advantage
increase the viewing and promotion
increase your listing promotion 24/7
message reaches Bluetooth enabled Android phones within 150 ft to approx. 500 ft
put a device at each of your listings, see your client list grow
prospects will see virtual tour
prospects will see property information
prospects will see mortgage calculator
prospects can view pre-qualification information
prospects can get realtor contact information
prospects can view preferred area lenders
prospects can get list of similar properties
everything is instant access

If you are unfamiliar how this new Beacon Marketing works please watch this short video:

YES! We Will Teach All That!

What Is The Main Thing You Need To Be Successful? You Need Leads Right?

Let’s Face it Advertising is The Key To Build Your Success!

Many Try Social Media, Newspapers, Print Media, Radio But It Is Too Congested, expensive and outdated!

The Key is To Get Eyeballs On Your Real Estate Ads!

Newspaper Ads Don’t Work! When Is The Last Time You Read A Newspaper Front To Back?

Purchase A Radio or Local TV Ad? Most People Listen to MP3 Or Commercial Free Radio! Also For TV, People Watch Netflix, Hulu or they DVR Their Shows so you can avoid the Commercials (I know I Do)

Also Typical Billboard Ads- The Only Way It Is Effective if you are Stuck in A Traffic Jam. If you are going 55 MPH, You won’t have time to catch an advertisement (Eyes are on the road Not your ad)

Let Me Show You A Brand New Wave of Advertising For The Fraction Of The Cost for Advertising!

You Can Check Out How You Can Get Started Here!!!

Genusity BAP-Digital Advertising

Genusity BAP-Digital Advertising

How Does The Genusity System Works


 All You Do Is Carry This Little Beacon with you to go out to eat, travel, work out, shop or do karaoke while drinking a few beers but the beacon you carry will send out messages within 150 ft and 500 feet depending on which Beacon is in use. All Beacons are designed to operate 24/7.

Each Beacon can acommodate UNLIMITED mobile pages and UNLIMITED 40 character messages and links. It is IMPORTANT to understand that within a 24 hours period each beacon can broadcast UNLIMITED MESSAGES and MOBILE LANDING PAGES.  Example, at any one home for sale, on that beacon you can set the time to start and begin any message and/or page and that beacon will automatically rotate without any further programming. 

Your 40 character message is allready opened to be read on the Android phone along with the link. The person is taken To A Mobile Landing Page where there action takes place.

They fill out the capture page which will be added to your autorespoder email message system.

That is it!!!! Just Repeat and Do it Again!!!

it’s That Easy!!!

You Can Check Out How You Can Get Started Here!!!

******Special Bonus*******
When You Order Any Genusity Package We Will Throw In the Following:
1– A Huge Discount savings card- That will save you tons of Money! (Limited Time Only Bonus
2– UNLIMITED 3 day 2 night Vacations to over 20 USA locations

Come to one our Webinars 5 times a week where you can ask questions and get all the information Today!

Monday – 9pm ET USA = Genusity Opportunity Webinar (bring guests)
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Tuesday – 3pm ET USA = Office Hours Training (Genusity Q&A with training)
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Tuesday – 8pm ET USA = Genusity Opportunity Webinar (bring guests)
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Wednesday – 9pm ET USA = Genusity Opportunity Webinar (bring guests)
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Thursday – 2pm ET USA = Genusity Opportunity Webinar (bring guests)
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Saturday – 2pm ET USA = Genusity Opportunity Webinar (bring guests)
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You Can Also Call In Via Telephone
1 (267) 279-9000 PIN 284257# 
1 (917) 338-1451 PIN 284257#
1 (312) 702-1380 PIN 284257#

Genusity Will Take Your Nework Marketing System To The Next Level!

Wayne Hartunian
skype- wayne111112




I finally bought a tennis wheelchair.  Exciting because I can finally get out and about and exercise.  It has been almost 1 1/2 years of looking.  Waiting for rain to stop and I will be rolling.

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